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Mon, 22/07/2024 03:26 CEST
Ringing Office(Photos Hector Garrido/CSIC)

What is the Ringing Office?

The Ringing Office, attached to the Monitoring Team of Natural Processes of the Doñana Biological Station manages the necessary documentation to complete the work of banding to researchers, research assistants and people associated with projects linked to the Institute. It also handles all matters relating to the results of the banding. On the other hand, it also coordinates all the long distance readable markings that are made in Spain.

In the recording data for banded and controled berds is important to observe the rules for transcription of birds long distance reading marks, as well as the bird tagging program included in this Office, such as recommendations for the use of metal rings, according to the Office of Migratory Species.

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Current Totals

  1. Used rings Metal:963895
  2. Used rings PVC:328104
  3. Observations:286162
  4. Number of observers:5896